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With ILGM seeds, you will only get the best. Our strains come from legendary breeders sent straight to you with a promise.

Our seedbank in the USA only serves Americans with a taste for amazing quality. If you want top shelf buds, we’re here to serve.

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Our marijuana seedbank provides free weed seeds from the best genetics.

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All our weed seeds are of the best quality grown here in the United States.

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Thanks for dropping by ILGM Seeds. We are a well-renowned cannabis seedbank hailing from the United States. We have been around since 2012 providing only the best marijuana seeds USA wide. If you want to know more about us, don’t hesitate to learn more.

ILGM Seeds | USA Cannabis Seeds

ILGM Seeds is the go-to cannabis seedbank in the USA. We don’t just grow weed, we grow people to get amazing results with our marijuana strains.

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The cannabis strains available from ILGM Seeds comprise of Cannabis Cup Winner varieties, medical grade and great for recreational users. If you want amazing grow results, we are here waiting from you.

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We’re proud to still be servicing many of the same people who bought from us in our early days.

  • We put these girls through a lot. This was our very first grow and it took awhile to dial everything in. From underwatering to over-nuting, I’m surprised we have any kind of harvest. Buds are decent with some good sized colas but many popcorn buds, due to our lack of training. Still happy with the end results. She smokes smooth with a bit of berry on the aftertaste.

    testimonial 1 for ILGM Seeds
    Eric Angelo
  • The convention thus allows countries to outlaw cannabis for all non-research purposes but lets nations choose to allow use for medical and scientific purposes if they believe total prohibition is not the most appropriate means of protecting health and welfare.

    Top testimonials ilgm seed
    John Ronan
  • This was our first time growing Strawberry Cough and it for sure will not be the last. She grew very fast strong happy and healthy with no training just defoliating. Amazing looking buds and super strong smell with very deep dark purple and pink hues almost black.

    a user testimonial for ilgm Seeds
    Sam Christopher
  • I grow in a small closet in a camper outside. I have a lot of heat fluctuation. The plant seemed to be very resilient. Even broken stems were easily mended overall, it was a good growing experience. I did not take a wet weight of the buds. I only took a dry weight for the two white widow auto flowers, they produced 10 1/2 ounces. of solid bud

    testimonial 4 for ilgm Seeds and products
    Sarah Jane

ILGM Seeds

ILGM Seeds is the ideal seed store that has tremendous value and premium cannabis seeds. Whether you’re searching for seeds with the highest possible THC content, top quality landrace cultivars, feminized or autoflowering selections, or the finest hybrid seeds, we have weed seeds for you.

And… if you’re looking for a seed bank that deliver to the United States discreetly, we are you’re go to! Our top notch marijuana seeds come from a collection of popular growers and breeders from the Netherlands and we have opened up shop in the US with their premium genetics. We take satisfaction in guaranteeing our shelves are stocked with weed seeds for every marijuana cultivator, and regularly deliver our seeds in the United States with domestic shipping

For marijuana connoisseurs desiring the heaviest hit of  THC, you’ll discover our staff picks that is packed with powerful pot seeds you can acquire online in a few short clicks. Why not find out for yourself why fans are flocking to obtain their hands on our mighty Gorilla Glue strain seeds or the marvelous Girl  Scout Cookies, two genuine amazing pot strains. Or if you’re starving for that hit of unrivalled fruitiness with your high, such as the vibrant Zkittlez strains seeds for a preference of the hashish rainbow.

Below at ILGM Seeds, it’s not all just strains which help medical users, but we off mind-melting marijuana strains assured to knock your socks off. With the world understanding and accepting even more therapeutic uses for Mary Jane, our seed financial institution shelves are also equipped with a selection of medicinal marijuana and high CBD pressure seeds which we’ve accumulated into one practical home.

If you’re looking for weed which eliminates anxiety and depression, battle chronic discomfort, takes care of moods or migraines and overturns craving disorders, you’ve found the ideal US weed seedbank. We supply every clinical cannabis seed you need for all that ails you, and list strain details to aid you make an educated choice.

Whether for leisure or clinical use, we stock only the most effective cannabis seeds which some fantasize about and we are pleased to be considered among the finest seed banks which delivers to the United States domestically.

Best Cannabis Seeds

We stock the best seeds including the Mary Jane Hall of Fame strains such as the stunning Northern Lights, the unparalleled White Widow, and the widely known Sativa-dominant Environment-friendly Super Skunk, which so-called marijuana connoisseurs like Snoop Dogg loves. Whether you’re looking for seeds for newbies or if you’re looking for an incredible high or off-the-charts CBD content, here at ILGM seed bank, you’ll find only the finest weed seeds on the market.

We provide top notch collectible seeds from breeders who have focused their time on establishing desirable genetics, which range from high CBD content, high THC levels, and plant resistance to insects, mold and mildew, and other debilitating conditions that ruin plants in the hands of the unskilled.

It is our purpose to supply clear and concise information relating to all the marijuana seeds we stock, with the need of keeping our unblemished record of consumer contentment. To this end, you’ll discover a lot of great marijuana seeds and we support and give details for each strain and give more knowledge when neccessary.

It is our mission to equip you with the knowledge to understand which seeds are perfect for you from our seed bank and what’s ideal for you in the long run, and our group believes the suitable online seed bank for you should come down to expertise and experience.

By sourcing from a large selection of the highest quality cannabis strains available from ILGM, we guarantee you can choose the ideal weed seeds for your requirements. All ILGM seeds are assured to reach you at the United States and can be purchased using Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies along with Debit/Visa.

You’ll find outstanding bargains and flash sales on our whole series of cannabis seeds, info on brand-new strains, details about our seed bank, and special deals.