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White Widow Autoflower Seeds


  • Each of our autoflower are feminized
  • 40% sativa and 60% indica
  • THC content of up to 19%
  • Very simple plants to grow
  • Euphoric high accompanied by a strong brain buzz
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Seeds for White Widow Autoflowers

In Amsterdam, you’re likely to come across White Widow in a coffee shop. Since the 1990s, this indica hybrid has gained popularity because to its combination of a cerebral high and a soothing sense of relaxation. It produces the relaxed, joyful feelings that many people identify with marijuana. Using White Widow autoflower seeds to grow this traditional Cannabis strain at home is much simpler!

White widow is a popular strain not because it is very strong but rather because of its moderate potency. Because of its greater than usual THC content, it won’t cause couchlock or many other side effects associated with strong strains.

It’s a little plant that grows easily as an autoflower. For people who are new to growing marijuana or who are growing it indoors, this is quite helpful. The feminized strain used in the video review that follows may have slightly different qualities for autoflowers.

Origins of White Widow Autoflower

Green House Seeds may have been the first to breed the seeds, despite the strain’s origins being in the Netherlands, in the 1990s. White Widow is a 40% sativa, 60% indica hybrid that leans more indica. Brazilian sativa landrace and South Indian indica are its two primary parents. Nowadays, White Widow is the parent of other well-known strains, including White Russian, Blue Widow, and White Rhino. Still, the original White Widow is still regarded as a classic.

White Widow Autoflower: What is it?

Many people were unaware in the past that there were more varieties of Cannabis than Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa plants. A third species, rud

eralis, was introduced to Amsterdam in the early 1980s. This cousin from Siberia could flower in a few of weeks, insensitive to variations in light. This adaptation allowed the plant to withstand the harsh Siberian environment. When Dutch breeders recognized what this meant for marijuana cultivation, they started crossing marijuana plants with ruderalis genes. It was possible for the autoflowering feminized seed type to bloom without depending on the cycles of natural light.

These days, many popular strains have autoflowering variations available. Although they usually yield smaller plants, they are the easiest to grow and can be harvested more quickly than any other alternative. For this reason, autoflowering plants are ideal for first-time gardeners, small-space producers, or those who wish to reap many harvests each season!

Growing Autoflower Seeds for White Widow

These are feminized seeds that autoflower. In contrast to their male counterparts, female plants are the ones who yield weed. Regardless of light exposure, autoflowering plants will reach the flowering stage after a predetermined length of time.

For many producers, autoflowering seeds can be quite helpful, particularly for outdoor growers who want to harvest twice in a single growing season. They can harvest their first crop in midsummer, when the sun is at its highest, as they do not have to wait for the number of hours of sunlight to fall below a predetermined threshold.

For outcomes that are guaranteed, we also suggest following our germination guidelines.

Optimal Climate

Although the autoflowering variety of White Widow may be grown almost anywhere, it is usually advised to grow it indoors for greater control. It can survive in cooler climes and grows well in warm, sunny weather, but it also performs well against diseases. White Widow is resistant to changes in habitat and may survive in a multitude of diverse environments. Its resilience contributes to harvests that are dependably high.

Food for White Widow Auto

To find the ideal plant food for each growth stage, check out our nutrition section.

We advise providing your plants with:

Blooming and Productivity

White widow autoflowering plants can yield five to fifteen ounces of fruit per plant when grown outdoors under ideal conditions. The grow cycle lasts between ten and fourteen weeks. The plants should grow to a height of twenty to twenty-four inches.

Feeling The Strain of the White Widow

Happiness and relaxation would be the perfect two words to sum up White Widow’s effects. Different from many other indica strains, it’s a mild relaxation. It’s appropriate for daytime use because couchlock is unlikely to occur. Many characterize the sensation as a mildly blissful, uplifted energy fit for a social high. Light physical impacts are mixed in with largely head-based effects.

Similar to many hybrid strains, if you overdo it, there’s a potential you can feel a little lightheaded or get a headache. While anxiety and paranoia are uncommon with this strain, it’s possible that you’ll need to take extra water or eye drops.

White Widow Taste and Smell

White Widow’s strong, earthy aroma makes it clear that it is an indica strain. Some fruity, acidic, and spicy scents are also present, however they are primarily detected as an aftertaste.

In terms of flavor, you’ll taste more of its sweetness combined with a flavor that is woodsy, almost piney. It has a rich, nuanced flavor and aroma that are enjoyable all around.

Applications of White Widow

Regular consumers find White Widow to be a popular strain for elevating their mood because of its consistent effects and relatively high THC content. Because it is less likely to create couchlock than other hybrids, it is ideal for daytime use as a well-balanced product with some CBD.

White Widow’s sativa qualities can increase energy levels despite its indica dominance, and its feel-good quality helps lessen the impacts of stress. White Widow is a versatile, well-balanced strain that is excellent for almost everything involving overwork or stressful conditions because its sativa qualities aren’t overpowering enough to interfere with a restful night’s sleep.

In addition to increasing your appetite, White Widow can help lift even the worst of moods. It like bliss within a plant.

Purchase Autoflower White Widow Seeds

White Widow Auto seeds are available in quantities of five or ten. Ten are purchased, and an additional ten are given away free!

There are two more strains of the White Widow strain: CBD Feminized and feminized. We also provide White Widow Auto Seeds in the Beginner Grow Kit, which is an excellent way to get started if you’re a beginner grower!

ILGM Promises

Upon purchasing White Widow Auto, we provide:

  • Careful packing and delivery
  • Free delivery to every state in the union
  • Assurance of order arrival
  • Assurance of seed germination

Acquire further details in our support center.

Happy cultivating!



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