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Plant Protector

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  • Safeguard your plants against diseases and detrimental pests
  • Comprises three bottles, each containing 20 milliliters
  • Sufficient plant defense system provisions for a maximum of 20 plants
  • Appropriate for soil, hydroponic, and any other types of grow mediums
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The invention known as Bergman’s Plant Protector

Bergman’s Plant Protector establishes a secure barrier to shield your crops from pests and illnesses. You no longer need to be concerned about the detrimental impact of bothersome invertebrates, invasive fungi, and destructive bacteria. This plant protection system was meticulously crafted to effectively prevent and treat prevalent pests and illnesses. It comprises:

  • Bug Blaster
  • Root Protector
  • Mold Control

By purchasing Bergman’s Plant Protector, you will receive all three of the aforementioned items. To achieve optimal outcomes, follow the instructions below and utilize all three components accordingly.

1. Bug Blaster

Bergman’s Bug Blaster swiftly eliminates detrimental, undesired bugs with great force. This substance is lethal to caterpillars, aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, thrips, and any other organisms that cause damage to your plants. This insecticide also includes a foliar fertilizer that enhances the plants’ immune system, promoting their overall health and resilience to infections.

Instructions for Using the Bug Blaster

To achieve optimal outcomes, employ the bug blaster promptly at the onset of dusk. Increase the dosages double to address severe pest and insect infestations. Adhere to following instructions in order to submit your application:

  • Take a precise measurement of 5 milliliters of Bug Blaster and mix it well with 1 quart of water, which is about equal to 1 liter. Use a plant sprayer with a nozzle that produces a very fine mist.
  • Apply the solution to the plants in a downward direction, ensuring thorough coverage of the undersides of the leaves where pests may be concealed.
  • Recur at intervals of five to ten days or as necessary.

2. Root Protector

Bergman’s Root Protector was created to function as your crops’ personal army of beneficial microorganisms. It fights off diseases that damage and kill your plants by combining different kinds of bacteria with other safe components. These beneficial bacteria settle down close to the roots of your plants and feast on the harmful bacteria that cause fusarium and pyrthium. As this is going on, your plants use our nourishing mixture to improve their immune systems through the protection they absorb into their roots.

How to Utilize Root Protector

Use the root protector as soon as it gets light for optimal effects. Use twice the dosage for serious injury. To apply, take these actions:

  • Take out 0.25 to 0.5 milliliters of Root Protector and mix it with 1 quart (or around 1 liter) of water.
  • Distribute the solution equally among your plants.
  • Rinse the plants with normal water, then apply the solution to their roots.
  • Every five to ten days, repeat.

3. Mold Control

Your plants are shielded from common diseases like leaf septoria, botrytis, rust, powdery mildew, and others by Bergman’s Mold Control, which may quickly wipe out your entire crop. Mold Control’s fast-acting components, potassium bicarbonate and neem oil, prevent the growth of mold and fungi.

How to Apply Mold Reduction

It is very challenging to identify molds with the unaided eye. Therefore, it’s advisable to take preventative measures and utilize Mold Control to safeguard your crops midway through their growth.

Use this product at the onset of nightfall for optimal results. Use two doses if you have damage that is apparent. To apply, take these actions:

  • Take 5 milliliters of Mold Control and dilute it in one quart (about one liter) of water using a plant sprayer to create a very thin mist.
  • Apply the solution to plants from top to bottom, being especially careful to mist the undersides of leaves as these could be hiding places for pests.
  • Repeat as necessary or every five to ten days.


Bergman’s Plant Protector is packaged airtight and arrives safely sealed. Consequently, you can keep your plant protection nutrients in storage for a very long time.


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