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Medical cannabis can be administered

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ILGM Seeds is known for medical marijuana and cannabis strains with potent cannabinoids

ILGM Seeds has been going strong for over 10+ years. We have extensive experience in the cannabis industry and we are directed by the famous marijuana expert, Robert Bergman. We service patients who need medical marijuana strains and the day-to-day user who wants to relax. From launch day, we have been striving to make it easier to obtain medical and recreational cannabis varieties that anyone can enjoy.

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Successful Deliveries98%
Customer Satisfaction93%
Positive Reviews89%
Seed Affordability84%

Introducing Our Marijuana Seed Bank

ILGM Seeds

Our cannabis seedbank has been in business for over 10 years. If you want to grow the best, take a look at our cannabis seed catalogue. We offer cannabis cup winner seeds, medical marijuana strains and more.

As the leading weed seedbank in the USA for quite some time, we are confident that you will love our ganja seeds.


Our seedbank for cannabis in the United States has an amazing reputation and great ratings on popular review websites such as Kiyoh.


We don’t stop to impress, we pride ourselves in maintaining a great service which we do for our previous, current and future customers.


If you’re ready to buy from ILGM Seeds but have questions, don’t hold back on contacting us.

Best weed seedbank in the USA buy cannabis seeds and fertilizers loved by many

Not only are our cannabis seeds the bees knees, but our marijuana fertilizers and best free weed grow book are rising in popularity all around. We are committed to providing the ultimate growing experience for our medical, recreational, and commercial growers.

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