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You may contact ILGM seeds via on site chat, email or phone.

All orders come with free shipping and a delivery guarantee.

We closely monitor the progress of your order and notify you via email when it is shipped and delivered.

There is occasionally a minor hiccup: your package may be reported delivered before it arrives. Give it a day or two, and in most cases, it will appear.

Don't worry if your order hasn't been delivered! Get in touch with us, and we'll make sure your seeds arrive on time. 🌱
Giving us your shipping address enables us to verify that everything is as it should be.

Your order will be discreetly and covertly packaged in a thick, padded envelope.

There's no need to worry about inquisitive animals or nosy neighbors because the outer layer of the package is extremely basic. 🤫
It's good to know that inside, we mention ILGM and the strains you chose with a hint of magic.

Safeguard the mystery, and enjoy the unwrapping! 🎁

🚀 Super quick shipment
After payment, your order ships within one to two business days, and you will automatically receive a confirmation email with tracking information.

Anticipate its arrival within 2 to 5 business days once it is en route.

🎁 Peak periods
It may take a little longer during busy seasons, such as March and April, as well as the holidays. Please wait five business days before contacting us. We are putting in a lot of effort to ship your order!

🚚 Happy tracking

When your order ships, you should receive an email from us within one to two business days with a USPS tracking number.

By following the link in the email or looking up your tracking reference on your account dashboard, you may quickly trace your shipment.
Click this to see our tracking page.

👀 Where is my number for tracking?

Please contact us if the tracking email disappears from your inbox or spam folder after three days. We'll see to it that you receive your tracking number without incident.

Despite having our main office in Amsterdam, we serve clients across the whole country!

Our domestic distribution facilities guarantee quick shipping and guard against cross-border problems.

We use USPS for shipping. Orders typically arrive within a week of being dispatched.

Do you ship to New Zealand and Australia?
We did once. Regretfully, since early 2021, we have not been able to ship to Australia or New Zealand due to increased regulations.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

We understand that there may be some confusion regarding the numbers on the packages. This is something that will soon be enhanced.

We would also like to draw attention to the fact that some of these reference numbers are bin numbers for internal usage, even if they may appear to be calendar dates.

All of the strain names, references, and bin numbers are included below.
Please refer to the list below to match any codes on your package to the strain name if the order you got didn't include the full strain name.

Strain name Reference
Afghan (fem) SYP-AFG-FP
Afghan Autoflower SYP-AFG-FAP
Agent Orange (fem) SYP-OXS-FP
AK-47 (fem) SYP-A47-FP
AK-47 Autoflower SYP-A47-FAP
Amnesia Haze (fem) SYP-HAZ-FP
Amnesia Haze Autoflower SYP-AMH-FAP
Banana Kush (fem) SYP-BNK-FP
Banana Kush Autoflower SYP-BKA-FAP
Big Bud (fem) SYP-BGB-FP
Black Widow (fem) SYP-BWW-FP
Blackberry Kush (fem) SYP-BCK-FP
Blue Cheese (fem) SYP-BLC-FP
Blue Cheese Autoflower SYP-BLC-FAP
Blue Dream (fem) SYP-BLD-FP
Blue Dream Autoflower SYP-BLD-FAP
Blue Haze (fem) SYP-BLZ-FP
Blueberry (fem) SYP-BBY-FP
Blueberry Autoflower SYP-BBY-FAP
Blueberry CBD (fem) SYP-DBL-FP
Bruce Banner (fem) SYP-BAN-FP
Bruce Banner Autoflower SYP-BAN-FAP
Bubba Kush (fem) SYP-BBK-FP
Bubba Kush Autoflower SYP-BBK-FAP
Bubble Gum (fem) SYP-BBG-FP
Bubble Gum Autoflower SYP-BBG-FAP
California Dream (fem) SYP-CAL-FP
Candy Kush (fem) SYP-CDK-FP
Cannatonic (fem) SYP-CAN-FP
Carma CBD (fem) SYP-CAR-FP
CBD Kush (fem) SYP-CBK-FP
CBD Kush Autoflower SYP-CBK-FAP
Cheese (fem) SYP-CHS-FP
Cheese Autoflower SYP-CHS-FP
Chemdawg (fem) SYP-CH4-FP
Cherry Pie (fem) SYP-OKC-FP
Chocolope (fem) SYP-CHC-FP
Chronic Widow (fem) SYP-CHW-FP
Critical Mass (fem) SYP-CRT-FP
Critical Mass Autoflower SYP-CRT-FAP
Critical Mass CBD (fem) SYP-CCM-FP
Critical Mass CBD Autoflower SYP-CBC-FAP
Crystal (fem) SYP-CRY-FP
Do-Si-Dos (fem) SYP-DOS-FP
Durban Poison (fem) SYP-DPO-FP
Fire OG (fem) SYP-FOG-FP
G13 (fem) SYP-G13-FP
G13 Autoflower SYP-G13-FAP
Gelato (fem) SYP-GLT-FP
Gelato Autoflower SYP-GEL-FP
Girl Scout Cookies Extreme (fem) SYP-GSC-FP
Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Autoflower SYP-GSC-FAP
Godfather OG (fem) SYP-GOD-FP
Gold Leaf (fem) SYP-GLF-FP
Gold Leaf Autoflower SYP-GDL-FAP
GG4 (fem) SYP-GOG-FP
Granddaddy Purple (fem) SYP-GDP-FP
Granddaddy Purple Autoflower SYP-GDP-FAP
Green Crack (fem) SYP-GCK-FP
Harlequin (fem) SYP-HAR-FP
Hindu Kush (fem) SYP-HDK-FP
Jack Herer (fem) SYP-JCK-FP
Jack Herer Autoflower SYP-JCK-FAP
L.A. Confidential (fem) SYP-LAC-FP
Lowryder Autoflower SYP-LRD-FP
LSD Autoflower SYP-LSD-FAP
Mango Kush (fem) SYP-MGK-FP
Master Kush (fem) SYP-MSK-FP
Maui Wowie (fem) SYP-MWI-FP
MK Ultra (fem) SYP-MKU-FP
Northern Lights (fem) SYP-NTH-FP
Northern Lights Autoflower SYP-NTH-FAP
NYC Diesel (fem) SYP-NYD-FP
NYC Diesel Autoflower SYP-NYD-FAP
OG Kush (fem) SYP-OGK-FP
OG Kush Autoflower SYP-OGK-FAP
OG Kush CBD (fem) SYP-COK-FP
OG Kush CBD Autoflower SYP-COK-FAP
Orange Bud (fem) SYP-OBU-FP
Pineapple Haze (fem) SYP-PHZ-FP
Power Plant (fem) SYP-PWP-FP
Pure Indica (fem) SYP-PUI-FP
Purple Haze (fem) SYP-PRZ-FP
Purple Kush (fem) SYP-PPK-FP
Purple Kush Autoflower SYP-PPK-FAP
Purple Punch (fem) SYP-PPP-FP
Runtz (fem) SYP-RTZ-FP
Skywalker OG (fem) SYP-SKY-FP
Sour Diesel (fem) SYP-SOD-FP
Sour Diesel Autoflower SYP-SOD-FAP
Strawberry Cough (fem) SYP-STC-FP
Strawberry Kush (fem) SYP-STK-FP
Strawberry Kush CBD (fem) SYP-STW-FP
Sunset Sherbert (fem) SYP-SUN-FP
Super Lemon Haze (fem) SYP-SLH-FP
Super Lemon Haze Autoflower SYP-SLH-FAP
Super Silver Haze (fem) SYP-SSH-FP
Super Skunk (fem) SYP-SSK-FP
Super Skunk Autoflower SYP-SSK-FAP
Trainwreck (fem) SYP-TWR-FP
Tropicana Cookies (fem) SYP-TCP-FP
Wedding Cake (fem) SYP-WDC-FP
Wedding Cake Autoflower SYP-WDC-FAP
White Rhino (fem) SYP-WHR-FP
White Widow (fem) SYP-WWI-FP
White Widow Autoflower SYP-WHW-FAP
White Widow CBD (fem) SYP-CWD-FP
White Widow CBD Autoflower SYP-CBW-FAP
Zkittlez (fem) SYP-ZKZ-FP
Zkittlez Autoflower SYP-ZKZ-FAP
Mimosa (fem) SYP-MIM-FP
Mimosa Autoflower SYP-MIM-FAP
Gushers (fem) SYP-GSH-FP
Gushers Autoflower SYP-GSH-FP
Jealousy (fem) SYP-JLS-FP
Jealousy Autoflower SYP-JLS-FAP
Grape Octane (fem) SYP-GPO-FP
Grape Octane Autoflower SYP-GPO-FAP
LA Kush Cake (fem) SYP-LLK-FP
LA Kush Cake Autoflower SYP-LLK- FAP
Grapericot Pie (fem) SYP-GPC-FP
Grapericot Pie Autoflower SYP-GPC-FAP
Peanut Butter Breath (fem) SYP-PBB-FP
Peanut Butter Breath Autoflower SYP-PBB-FAP
GMO Cookies (fem) SYP-GMO-FP
GMO Cookies Autoflower SYP-GMO-FAP
Biscotti (fem) SYP-BCT-FP
Biscotti Autoflower SYP-BCT-FAP
Apple Fritter (fem) SYP-APF-FP
Apple Fritter Autoflower SYP-APF-FAP
Disco Bizkit (fem) SYP-GXD-FP
Disco Bizkit Autoflower SYP-GXD-FAP
Gorilla Glue x Zkittlez (fem) SYP-GZK-FP
Gorilla Glue x Zkittlez Autoflower SYP-GZK-FAP
Sweet Tooth (fem) SYP-SWT-FP
Sweet Tooth Autoflower SYP-SWT-FAP
Tangie (fem) SYP-TNG-FP
Tangie Autoflower SYP-TNG-FAP
Moby Dick (fem) SYP-MBP-FP
Moby Dick Autoflower SYP-MBY-FAP
Grapefruit (fem) SYP-GRA-FP
Grapefruit Autoflower SYP-GRA-FAP
Fruity Pebbles (fem) SYP-FRP-FP
Fruity Pebbles Autoflower SYP-FRP-FAP
Cookies and Cream (fem) SYP-CCR-FP
Cookies and Cream Autoflower SYP-CCR-FAP

We only ship to the United States.

Do you intend to use a postal forwarding service to get your order since you are not in the United States?
Regretfully, there are few successful cases of this, hence we do not recommend mail forwarding services.
Only the USA address you provided when placing your order is guaranteed to be delivered.
You will thus not be entitled for a free reshipment or refund if your product is lost in transit.