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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

What exactly are feminized cannabis seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds have a 99.9% assurance of producing flower, which makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivators. Our feminized seeds are all photoperiodic, requiring a specific mix of light and darkness in order to initiate flowering.

Benefits of feminized marijuana seeds

Whether you are a novice or an expert in cannabis cultivation, our feminized cannabis seeds provide numerous advantages:

– Our product has a 99.9% assurance of yielding female plants that generate buds.
– Easy to cultivate—no need to verify the presence of male plants
– Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor cultivation
– Dependable genetic traits
– Optimal strength and fragrance
– Greater crop output in comparison to both autoflowering and conventional cannabis seeds

Advantages of feminized cannabis seeds

Growers and cannabis enthusiasts of various backgrounds highly appreciate feminized weed seeds for multiple reasons:

– Growers prefer larger, more vigorous plants that exhibit a positive response to training techniques. Feminized seeds provide an opportunity for growers to enhance their skills and become more proficient in cultivation.
– Recreational users derive great satisfaction from the powerful flavor, scent, and high. With an extensive array of options available, it is effortless to discover a feminized strain that you will greatly appreciate.
– Feminized cannabis seeds provide holistic consumers with a wide range of cannabinoid profiles that are abundant in THC and/or CBD.

What is better, Sativa or Indica?

Our collection of feminized cannabis seeds consists of two distinct subspecies, namely indica and sativa. However, these categories are not very effective in describing the specific effects of the 2 different strain types. The terpene profiles are more relevant in determining the effects. Therefore, if you wish to experiment with strains that have varied effects, we suggest reading the product description and datasheet to find the most suitable option.

However, the subspecies does have an impact on traits such as the form of leaves, the size of plants, and the overall duration of flowering:

Indicas generally exhibit a compact growth pattern, characterized by a dense structure and wider foliage. In addition, indicas have a shorter flowering period compared to sativas, which makes them well-suited for colder and rainier locations.

Sativas exhibit a tall growth pattern, characterized by elongated branches and slender leaves, and they typically have a longer flowering period. Sativas have a strong affinity for sunlight and flourish in tropical or subtropical regions characterized by high temperatures.

The majority of cannabis seeds possess a combination of indica and sativa genetics, which classifies them as hybrids. Consequently, they exhibit traits from both indica and sativa strains.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds Grow Tips

It is feasible to cultivate feminized cannabis seeds either indoors, in a tent or grow room, or outside, in a greenhouse or garden.

Growing Feminized Cannabis Seeds Indoors

Commence the process by initiating the germination of your seeds. To enhance the germination rate, you can either position them amidst damp paper towels or utilize an Easy Start tray.

After the seedlings have grown a few nodes, transfer them to their permanent pots and position them inside your cultivation tent. To achieve optimal development and flowering, it is essential to effectively regulate light, water, and humidity levels. In order to alter the stage of your plants’ growth, you will need to modify the duration of both light and dark periods accordingly:

Seedling: Expose to 20 hours of light followed by 4 hours of darkness in a 24-hour cycle (20/4).

The vegetative phase of plant growth occurs during 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness.

During the flowering phase of photoperiod cannabis plants, the plants undergo a change in response to light similar to their natural behavior. They go through a vegetative phase during the spring and summer months, and then transition to blooming as the daylight hours decrease towards autumn. As an indoor cultivator, your responsibility is to recreate those conditions.

The typical duration from planting to harvesting is approximately 3.5 months, although this timeframe may differ depending on the specific flowering period of your plant variety and the timing of transitioning from the vegetative stage to the blooming stage.

Growing Feminized Cannabis Seeds Outdoors

Once your seeds have started to grow, place your seedlings in a warm location such as a windowsill or a greenhouse. Once the plants exceed the capacity of their initial container, transfer them to their permanent pot or a generously sized garden bed. Typically, outdoor cultivators sow seeds during the early spring season, when the risk of frost has passed.

Your plants will stay in the vegetative stage until the duration of sunshine decreases towards the end of summer, which will trigger the process of flowering. The maturation period for outdoor cannabis plants typically spans from late September to early November, at which point they are ready for harvest.

Best temperature and humidity levels for growing feminized seeds a grow tent

Cannabis plants thrive in temperate climates, with an optimal temperature of around 21°C, however they are generally tolerant of minor temperature variations. Exercise caution over drastic fluctuations in temperature, since they have the potential to result in a poor harvest.

The ideal relative humidity (RH) fluctuates depending on the plant’s growth phase. To get optimal outcomes, it is necessary to make appropriate adjustments to the humidity levels.

Germination rate: 65–70%

The vegetative stage accounts for 50-70% of the plant’s growth cycle.
Blossoming: 40-50%

What is the optimal soil composition for cultivating feminized cannabis seeds?

Various commercially available soil types are highly ideal for cultivating cannabis. Nevertheless, it is imperative that all soils satisfy the following criteria:

Are nutrients necessary for feminized cannabis seeds?

All cannabis plants require three essential macronutrients in order to flourish:

Guide to Irrigating Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Regular irrigation is essential for the optimal growth and flowering of cannabis plants. The conventional method involves watering thoroughly at intervals of 1-3 days.

Root Rot

To prevent root rot and minimize damage to plants, it is important to ensure that the soil is completely dry before watering. To assess the dryness, simply insert your finger into the substrate until it reaches the knuckle. If the soil retains moisture, it is advisable to wait one additional day before re-evaluating. When uncertain, adequately hydrate the plants, but avoid excessive watering.

How to select the best feminized cannabis strains from ILGM Seeds

When faced with a wide selection of superior feminized cannabis seeds, how can you determine the most suitable option for your needs? At RQS, we provide a variety of tools to enhance your browsing experience and make it more user-friendly.

Utilize our shop filter positioned at the shop page of our website to specify your requirements, such as height, yield, THC and CBD levels, and blooming timeframes. Alternatively, you can utilize the “sort by” function situated at the upper right corner in order to examine specific categories individually.