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Blue Dream Autoflower Seeds


  • Guaranteed buds with feminized seeds
  • 80% sativa hybrid 20% indica
  • THC content as high as 21%
  • Regularly high yields
  • Simple, long-lasting high for daily use
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Autoflowering Blue Dream Strain

Wish to cultivate a high-THC strain that gives you a relaxing high that lasts all day? You will enjoy cultivating this lovely plant just as much as harvesting it. The autoflowering strain Blue Dream Auto is a variation of the sativa-dominant Blue Dream original from California. It grows small enough to thrive almost anyplace thanks to its ruderalis DNA, and regardless of light conditions, it flowers in 10 to 14 weeks.

Origin of Blue Dream Autoflower

The resilient ruderalis and the sativa-dominant hybrid Blue Dream are the parents of the Blue Dream Autoflower. Despite being mostly sativa, Blue Dream is well-known for its calming effects. Many refer to Blue Dream, a well-liked medicinal strain, as the ideal California strain (in terms of growth and effects). It comes from the Super Silver Haze and Blueberry strains.

Rubralis, the other parent of Blue Dream Auto, grows wild in Russia and Central Asia. Its ability to autoflower makes it highly valued. This Cannabis is not used as marijuana, but it is frequently crossed with other species to produce strains that are easy to grow all year round.

There is a Blue Dream hybrid that is comparable, called Blue Dream’matic, but it is not the same. Blue Dream Matic receives its autoflowering ability from a ruderalis grandparent, despite the fact that both share the Blue Dream parent. Since our Blue Dream Auto is a direct cross of Blue Dream and ruderalis, it has a higher genetic makeup of ruderalis. As a result, the experience both before and after harvest is altered. While Blue Dream Auto produces a pleasant, relaxing buzz in the head, Dream’matic produces a body high and relaxation that might not be suitable for use during the day.

Blue Dream Autoflowers: What Are They?

Cannabis growers typically have to pick between sativa and indica strains. These are annual plants that can be harvested in the fall after they begin to grow in the spring. Indoor cannabis growers can adjust the light cycles to replicate the natural light cycle of outdoor crops.

Growers of marijuana found a new species in the 1980s that was closely linked to Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. Formerly, it was called Cannabis ruderalis. Unlike its relatives, ruderalis can be harvested multiple times in a season and can flower in a matter of weeks. New autoflowering subspecies were created when indica and sativa strains were crossed with ruderalis genes.

Many autoflowering cultivars, like Auto Blue Dream, are readily available and simple to cultivate. Compared to traditional cannabis plants, they are smaller and may be harvested far more quickly. Blue Dream autoflowering plants are a great choice for indoor and balcony growers, as well as urban gardeners due to their small size.

How to Grow Autoflowering Blue Dream Seeds

For individuals who are new to cultivating or have limited space, Blue Dream Autoflowers are a great choice. This plant grows incredibly easily, and its growth cycle is very similar to that of the Blue Dream Matic. Since Blue Dream doesn’t require a whole growing season, repeated harvests can result in an annual crop that is rather considerable. Many Blue Dream Auto Grow Journal also offer alternative methods for raising yield.

These seeds have been feminized. In contrast to their male counterparts, female plants are the ones who yield weed. We provide feminized autoflowering seeds only!

Autoflowering Blue Dream Appearance

Eye delight among cannabis is Blue Dream Auto! Reviews of Blue Dream autoflowers usually emphasize how attractive the plant is to look at, thanks to its striking purple and blue hues. It grows anywhere, in a garden, on a balcony, or in a basement, and you’ll be tempted to share photos of it on social media with the hashtag #bluedreampics!

Ideal Climate for Autoflowers, Blue Dream

Because of its compact form, Blue Dream Autoflowering is ideal for indoor gardening; yet, because it is a ruderalis hybrid, it may also be grown outdoors with great success. Grow it in a warm, dry, and temperate climate if you want to grow it outside; in 10 to 14 weeks, you can harvest Blue Dream Autoflowering!

How it Develops

Growing this plant is a pleasure—it’s so simple that you’ll feel like an expert! The Blue Dream plant has a brief veg period; you should start to notice flowers after about five weeks. However, remember that timing is crucial while harvesting Blue Dream Since autoflowering isn’t a precise science, your objectives for the plant should determine when to harvest.

How to Feed Autoflowering Blue Dream Plants

To find the ideal plant food for each growth stage, check out our nutrition section.

We advise providing your plants with:

For outcomes that are guaranteed, we also advise reading our germination guidelines.

Yield and Flowering

Blue Dream Autoflowers don’t need fancy lighting indoors because they are an autoflowering plant. On its own, the plant will flower in ten to fourteen weeks. Yields typically range from 5 to 15 ounces.

Experiencing The Autoflowering Blue Dream Strain

Because Blue Dream Auto shares many of the same effects as its parent strain, Blue Dream, it is a highly sought-after strain. It is well known that the Blue Dream strain has a “West Coast Vibe.”

Blue Dream Auto is a terrific way to have fun during the day because of its long-lasting effects and socially perfect nature. It draws in both seasoned and inexperienced customers with its relaxing intellectual and physical effects. Our autoflowering Blue Dream strain eases pain and nausea while calming your mind so you can continue with your day. It also eases you into a calming euphoric sensation.

Adequate use is unlikely to have any harmful effects. You should anticipate dry lips and eyes, as with most marijuana strains. For the greatest experience, stay hydrated. Exceeding recommended consumption may cause headaches, anxiety, and paranoia. When they do happen, though, they usually pass quickly.

Taste and Aroma of Blue Dream Autoflowering

Blue Dream Auto inherits a lot of the flavors and scents from both of its parents. It is fragrant with a blend of berries, citrus fruit, and pinewood. It smells nice and mild, so it shouldn’t bother any curious neighbors.

The flavor of Blue Dream autoflowering buds complements their scent. Anticipate notes of spices, cedar, and sweet fruit. Because of its ruderalis parent, you’ll also detect a faint gassy flavor. This is how you can tell if the Blue Dream strain you’re using is actually autoflowering.

Blue Dream Autoflower Uses

If you’re searching for a relaxing high that won’t keep you confined to the sofa and leaves your mind clear, Blue Dream Autoflowering is a fantastic choice. This strain provides effects mild enough to be used all day for people with persistent medical issues.

Blue Dream Autoflowers have a strong ability to elevate one’s mood. Even the lowest of moods can be affected by it without becoming overstimulating. This strain’s deep relaxation offers a well-balanced supply for a better day. These lovely blooms can assist you in shifting your perspective, regardless of whether you’re nervous, depressed, or unable to stop the negative ideas from coming back.

Purchase Autoflower Seeds Blue Dream

Blue Dream Autoflower seeds are available in individual packs of five, ten, or twenty seeds.

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