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Blueberry Feminized Seeds


  • 20% sativa and 80% indica
  • THC content of up to 16%
  • Best grown in sunny climates or indoors
  • Delightful flavor with a calming rush
  • Feminized seeds to ensure optimal outcomes
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Blueberry Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Although blueberry marijuana seeds are well-known for their delicious flavor and perfume, this strain is much more than just terpenes. Despite being classified as a hybrid, Blueberry is a potent indica that produces a euphoric high. Arrive for the taste, but stay for the experience—this winner of a berry tasting prize is sure to become a favorite.

We also sell CBD seeds and blueberry autoflowers!

In jurisdictions where medical marijuana is legal, one of the most popular cannabis strains is blueberry. It was also awarded the High Times Cannabis Cup’s “Best indica of the Year” title. Grown anywhere, its peculiar blueberry flavor, vibrant colors, and enduring effects make it a favorite. Growing blueberry marijuana seeds isn’t too tough, but for the greatest results, make sure your plants have lots of space.

Blueberry Strain Origin

In the 1970s, three distinct landrace strains were combined to create the Blueberry strain. Given that the parents of the strain are among the strongest strains available right now, it should come as no surprise that the hybrid was a huge hit.

DJ Short originally bred Afghani indica, Thai sativa, and Purple Thai sativa to create Blueberry in America. Its genetics have been modified since then to create the modern, award-winning Blueberry cultivars.

Growing Blueberry Marijuana Feminized Seeds

These seeds have been feminized. In contrast to their male counterparts, female plants are the ones who yield weed. When plants get less light each day—that is, in the fall or when you adjust the light cycle indoors—they begin to flower.

Blueberry cannabis seeds grow into thick, plump plants that have shades of purple, red, and eventually blue. The plants can grow to be quite tall, but they also like to spread out and need a lot of room to thrive.

In order to ensure that your seeds sprout successfully, we also suggest that you read our germination instructions.

Blueberry Strain Plants

The seeds of the blueberry cannabis plant grow into hefty, compacted plants that are colored purple, red, and eventually blue. These marijuana plants grow wide and horizontally, so they need a lot of room to grow well.

Best Climate For Blueberry Plants

Blueberry marijuana seeds are best produced indoors, according to most producers. You can better control the surroundings and achieve success in this way. On the other hand, if grown outside, they can flourish in an environment with lots of sunshine and fresh air.

Feeding Blueberry Plants

To find the ideal plant food for each growth stage, check out our nutrition section.

We advise providing your plants with:

Flowering and Yield

Indoor cultivation yields the fastest-flowering blueberries. Flowering takes roughly nine weeks on average. Each plant can produce about 18 ounces of useable cannabis when it is harvested. Since these plants require space to grow to their full potential, a large portion of this will be determined by the amount of space you have available.

There may be higher yields in an outside environment. But that will depend on the surroundings. You may harvest in mid-October and get close to 25 ounces per plant if your winters are warm and you get lots of sunshine.

Experiencing The Blueberry Marijuana Strain

The strain Blueberry has a calming, deeply relaxing effect. It’s the ideal strain to use at night or just when you need to relax. Due to its sweet taste and aroma, it can also be used as a dessert strain to help clear the mind before a relaxing evening.

Along with its mood-altering sativa properties, blueberries also bring out the pleasant emotions that are hidden inside, making you smile on the exterior and giggly on the inside. You are further lulled into a nice tranquility by the exhilaration blending with deep rest. When all is said and done, you’re happier and less anxious and hyperactive.

As with other cannabis strains, there’s a possibility that you can get mild headaches, dry eyes, or even mouth symptoms. With this strain, the likelihood of experiencing vertigo or mild paranoia is significantly lower. Water consumption is the most effective form of prevention.

Blueberry Marijuana Taste and Smell

The sweet flavor and pleasant perfume of blueberries are well-known. Every time you take a puff, the aroma of earthly pine will linger somewhat. The anticipation of the flavor of juicy blueberries will make your mouth wet.

Furthermore, this strain tastes just like fresh, ripe blueberries, as the name suggests. As you savor the sticky Blueberry buds, get ready for an eruption of vanilla and fresh fruit flavor.

Uses for the Blueberry Strain

Blueberry is a heavy indica strain that is incredibly calming. It won’t guarantee couchlock, but it will eliminate the majority of obstacles to slumbering. Thanks to its average THC level, this strain can assist folks who have difficulties relaxing finally get the rest they need.

This strain offers more health benefits than just bodily relaxation. The mind is also calmed by blueberries. This indica-heavy combination is fantastic at relieving pain, chronic tension, and overall uneasiness so you may enjoy life to the fullest. This strain has been used by many to treat a wide range of pains, from chronic conditions like anxiety and migraines to chronic pains like headaches and muscular spasms.

When you need to eat but don’t feel like it, blueberries are great because they help boost appetite as well.

These five strains are worth trying if you like Blueberry feminized seeds:

  • Granddaddy Purple Feminized
  • White Widow Feminized
  • Biscotti Feminized
  • Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Feminized
  • Gelato Feminized

Buy Blueberry Seeds

Blueberry seeds are available in individual packs of five, ten, or twenty seeds.

For an even simpler growing experience, Blueberry Autoflower seeds are also available for purchase.

If you’re a fan of blueberries, you can also find them in significantly reduced variety packs like the Berry Mixpack, which has Strawberry Cough and Blackberry Kush along with other fantastic strains, and the Fruity Mixpack, which includes Strawberry Kush and Pineapple Haze.

ILGM Guarantees

Upon purchasing Blueberry strain seeds, we provide:

  • Careful packing and delivery
  • Free delivery to every state in the union
  • Assurance of order arrival
  • Assurance of seed germination

Find more information in our support center

Best of luck with cultivating!


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