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Zkittlez Autoflower Seeds


  • We only sell feminized autoflowering seeds
  • 30% sativa and 70% indica
  • Elevated THC content up to 23%
  • Simple strain to grow both indoors and outside
  • An excellent strain for winding down and relaxing
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Autoflower Seeds: Zkittlez

You will enjoy this strain if you enjoy fruity candies. It’s obvious why Zkittlez is named after the popular rainbow candy after just one puff—it’s tasty and vibrant. This strain, which leans toward indica dominance, yields orange, purple, and bright green buds. It has an indica lineage, but it also delivers a very cerebral high. Calm evenings and a laid-back atmosphere are the outcome.

Would you rather plant photoperiod seeds? Look at our feminized Zkittlez seeds.

Origins of the Zkittlez Autoflower Strain

Zkittlez is a delectable cross of grapefruit and grape apei strains. An exceptionally fruity-tasting indica-dominant strain is the result of the genetics. It is primarily an indica strain, with a 70/30 ratio.

Zkittles Autoflower Seeds: What Are They?

Roughralis, a third species of Cannabis, is combined with indica and sativa strains to create Zkittlez autoflowers. The plant known as Ruderalis was found in Siberia, and it is incredibly resilient, just like its native region. In a matter of weeks, ruderalis plants—even in the absence of a controlled light cycle—can blossom. Soon after, breeders discovered that crossing these plants with already-existing strains of sativa and indica would result in progeny that likewise flowered on time, regardless of whether or not there was a typical seasonal shift in light.

Cultivating Zkittlez Autoflower Plants

Autoflowers Zkittlez adhere closely to indica growth patterns. Their entire life, they remain bushy and compact. They thrive both indoors and outdoors. Since they are autoflowers, you can grow them outside at any time during the summer as long as the nighttime low is above fifty.

Due to their small size, these plants grow well indoors in a Sea of Green (SOG) setting. They are very resistant to dampness, mold, and mildew. Because of all of this, Zkittlez autoflower plants are ideal for novice growers.

Optimal Climate

The Zkittlez autoflower plant is a special combination of its parent strains, just like many hybrids. Zkittlez is a heat- and humidity-loving plant due to its sativa heritage. Conversely, Grape Ape genetics need cool nights to yield the purples for which it is recognized. Simply ensure that the temperature stays around 50 degrees Fahrenheit to safeguard your produce.

Providing Zkittlez with food

To find the ideal plant food for each growth stage, check out our nutrition section. We advise providing your plants with:

Blooming and Productivity

Zkittlez autoflower plants finish flowering in 10 to 14 weeks when grown indoors. Because they are little plants, expect yields of five to fifteen ounces per square yard. These plants thrive well on windowsills or in compact spaces with little light.

Having Zkittlez Autoflowers Experience

If you want a calm, well-balanced high, there isn’t a strain like Zkittlez. The effects on the brain are discernible but not overpowering. The majority of Zkittlez users like the joyful, uplifting, and euphoric feelings that come along with the head high. The descent from the peak is seamless and devoid of any loud noises.

Zkittlez is an excellent cannabis strain for novice or infrequent users. The result is a moderate-to-high THC content, ranging from 15% to 23%. Due to the sativa history, certain persons who are sensitive to sativas may occasionally experience moderate adverse effects like anxiety, vertigo, or uneasiness. It lessens the issue to start with a tiny amount and work your way up from there. Similarly, dry lips and eyes may also happen.

Zkittlez Aroma and Taste

Zkittlez really shines when it comes to taste and scent. This plant tastes just as good as the fruity sweet it is known after. The aroma is subtle to undetectable while cultivating your plants. But once it’s smoked and harvested, the delicious aroma is irresistible.

At first, there are lots of citrusy aromas along with tart and sour undertones and a faint funkiness. Following the initial whiff, one may also detect hints of herbs and tropical notes.

You’ll concur that Zkittlez is among the best strains out there as soon as you sample it. Genetics from Grape Ape and Grapefruit combine to provide the ideal fruit salad experience. You’ll taste citrus and sour candies at first. Berries and grapes start to show as you smoke more, counterbalancing the smoke and creating a delicious experience.

Zkittlez Autoflowers Uses

You need go no farther than Zkittlez for a mood boost. One of the greatest strains for gradually lifting your spirits after a difficult day or when you’re feeling low. For a short duration, the short energy spike that comes with sativa genetics can help you get over your grief. Still, the high isn’t strong enough to knock out somebody with a low tolerance for cannabis.

Zkittlez is also excellent for medical problems. Some folks find that the soothing effects assist them release stress and discomfort. While there is less couchlock than with many relaxing strains, muscle tensions do not release. Zkittlez is an excellent option for you if all you need is to relax after a demanding hour.

Zkittlez works wonders for nausea relief and appetite restoration. A delicious flavor combined with the munchies creates a strong desire to eat.

Purchase Autoflower Seeds Zkittlez

Zkittlez Autoflower seeds are available in individual packs of five, ten, or twenty seeds.

There are also photoperiod Zkittlez feminized seeds available for the Zkittlez strain.

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ILGM Promises

Upon purchasing Blue Dream Autoflower seeds, we provide:

  • Careful packing and delivery
  • Free delivery to every state in the union
  • Assurance of order arrival
  • Assurance of seed germination

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