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Sour Diesel Autoflower Seeds


  • Each of our autoflowers are all feminized
  • 60% sativa 40% indica
  • THC levels up to 20%
  • Excellent for beginner growers
  • Energized psychedelic experience
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Sour Diesel Autoflower Seeds

Sour Diesel autoflower seeds grow a weed that is exceptionally dank and delivers a psychedelic, energetic euphoria. After consuming this pot, you’ll feel energized and ready to take on the world. There’s no couch-lock with this bud. Instead, this daytime strain leaves you with good vibrations and the need to tackle tasks.

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Grown from Sour Diesel autoflower seeds, this strain is incredibly dank and produces an invigorating, psychedelic pleasure. You’ll feel energised and prepared to take on the world after smoking this cannabis. With this buddy, couch-lock is nonexistent. Rather than that, this afternoon stress gives you positive vibes and the motivation to get things done.

Would you rather plant photoperiod seeds? Check out our feminized Sour Diesel seeds.

This strain, often known as “Sour D,” is well-known throughout the world for having an overpowering smell that is similar to diesel fuel. Its 60% sativa and 40% indica composition provides a quick-acting, energetic high that transports you to a dreamy state of consciousness. For long-lasting treatment from a variety of aches, stress problems, depression, and other conditions, many medical cannabis patients utilize it.

Grown from seeds, Sour Diesel plants have a 20% THC and 0.20% CBD content. Growing this strain of marijuana is simple, as long as you take care of the plants to prevent powdery mildew. Since it’s an autoflower variety, they thrive in sunny climates with short flowering times.

Since this video is intended for non-autoflowering Sour Diesel, some characteristics might be somewhat different.

Sour Diesel Autoflowers: What Are They?

Before then, the only cannabis plants we knew were Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. These are seasonal plants that begin to develop in the spring and are prepared for harvesting in the fall when the days get shorter.

Indoor farmers adjusted this light cycle in an attempt to mimic nature.

A third species, ruderalis, was introduced to Amsterdam in the early 1980s. This plant was found in Siberia and is related to Cannabis. It took the breeders only a few weeks to discover that this ruderalis plant will flower in spite of variations in light. The autoflower type originated when these ruderalis genes were mixed with already-existing indica and sativa strains.

These days, autoflowering versions of many common strains are available. Compared to photosensitive plants, they grow smaller plants, but they are easy to grow and can be harvested much sooner. Excellent for first-time growers, urban farmers searching for tiny weed plants, or anyone hoping for several harvests in a season!

Developing Autoflower Seeds for Sour Diesel

It is simple to grow Sour Diesel seeds in warm, rather dry areas. Low humidity levels must always be maintained. Growers that are astute advise growing this variety under high-intensity lights because it is susceptible to powdery mildew. These features make it generally preferable to cultivate this strain indoors as opposed to outdoors, or in a highly regulated and optimized outdoor environment.

Sour Diesel is an autoflowering strain, meaning that it doesn’t need sunshine to go from the vegetative to the flowering stage. Rather, it undergoes the change naturally as it becomes older. Additionally, this plant requires little room, which makes it ideal for compact grow spaces.

Your compact plants grown indoors with Sour Diesel will be ready to harvest in nine to ten weeks. Each plant should produce roughly 5 ounces of edible cannabis. If all goes according to plan, outdoor growers should harvest roughly 15 ounces of useable pot per plant.

To find the ideal plant food for each growth stage, check out our nutrition section.

We advise providing your plants with:

Cannabis fertilizer: the key to healthy growth
For the best defense, use Plant Protector.

For outcomes that are guaranteed, we also suggest following our germination guidelines.
Origins of Sour Diesel Autoflower

There is no clear history or origin for the beloved cannabis strain known as Sour D. Many people think it’s a hybrid of Super Skunk and Chem Dawg 91.

In sunny California in the 1990s, Sour Diesel was born. Apart from that, not much is understood. However, the strain’s allure in the recreational cannabis market is enhanced by its obscurity. Because of its genetics, it is regarded by many as one of the greatest hybrids now available.

Dealing with Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel ought to be on your list of options if you’re searching for a daytime high that makes you feel happier and more energized. There is no prescription medication on the market that can match the euphoria you will feel from this product. Make use of its elevating properties to keep you motivated throughout the day by using it as a “upper.” Its sativa-dominant characteristics are most noticeable here.

With this strain, get ready for some trippy sensory stimulation. The high sets in nearly immediately and lasts for a very long period. Up to five hours after consuming the strain, some users have claimed to still be experiencing the euphoric effects. In most circumstances, this sativa doesn’t make you feel paranoid as a lot of others do. As an alternative, you feel more chatty, gregarious, and outgoing.

You might get severe episodes of dry mouth or cottonmouth when consuming this cannabis. To prevent dehydration, just sip on plenty of water prior to, during, and after smoking it. Additionally, you can have red, dry eyes. For relief, many smokers just take eyedrops.

Smokers have very rarely reported feeling a little paranoid. However, smoking too much of this strong strain at once is usually the cause of this. Spells of vertigo and anxiety are other infrequent adverse effects that are typically felt by individuals who already have similar illnesses.

Sour Diesel Taste and Aroma

Sour D smells strongly of diesel fuel, but it’s still a pretty nice smell. There are also overtones of floral scents and sour lemons in the air.

This strain has something of an overpowering bitter flavor. It has the savory tastes of fruit from the tropics. Get ready to taste sour and earthy flavors with a faint diesel gas undertone. It has a pleasant flavor and a calming aftertaste.

Applications for Sour Diesel

Because of its durability, Sour Diesel is a favorite among cannabis cafés and medical marijuana stores. After using it, both the therapeutic effects and the high persist for a long time. You experience intense exhilaration without feeling weighty. Thus, there isn’t a sofa lock. It provides hours of continuous respite during the day as a burden for the day.

Patients with arthritis who are using medical marijuana are encouraged to try this strain. This is due to its potent anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it also works well to relieve PMS, bodily cramps, muscular spasms, and menstrual cramps’ associated symptoms. Additionally, it effectively relieves crippling, chronic pain without the negative effects of over-the-counter and prescription medicines.

This strain is beneficial to many ADD and ADHD sufferers since it improves concentration and focus. Without the heavy-bodied sensations brought on by Ritalin and other prescription medications used for treatment, they are better able to concentrate on everyday tasks. It also aids in the fight against epilepsy-related seizures.

Your mood is really lifted by Sour Diesel. Therefore, after ingesting it, anyone experiencing stress or despair will feel better. You feel happy as the head-high is light. Depression lows give way to serene, vivacious attitudes that eventually result in physical fatigue. Because of this, it’s a fantastic strain to use during the day.

This strain will give you serious munchies when smoked. This is a popular choice for treating chronic nausea, loss of appetite, and the sudden want to consume everything in sight. It is used for this purpose by HIV/AIDS patients. Patients with cancer often take it as a relief from nauseating radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

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Happy growing!


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