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Afghan Autoflower Seeds


  • Each of our autoflowers are feminized
  • 100% descendent of the indica landrace
  • Elevated THC content of 20% or more
  • Easy to grow both indoors and out
  • This strain is excellent for winding down 
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Autoflower Seeds: Afghan

After a long day, nothing helps you unwind like a strong indica, and Afghan is the greatest of the finest. Well-liked and strong indica strain Auto Afghan is ready to deliver a strong, body-heavy high. These cannabis seeds can assist you in cultivating a potent indica strain that will help you completely relax, regardless of whether you’re dealing with tense muscles or anxiety.

Afghan is a great cannabis strain for any fan of indicas because it has no sativa heritage at all and is 100% pure. When grown as autoflowering marijuana plants, these feminized cannabis seeds yield compact plants with THC concentrations ranging from 15% to 20%.

For those who are new to gardening or have limited space, autoflower seeds are some of the greatest options available. Even with many heavy buds, the plants maintain their tiny size. Their programmed flowering time is a convenient and favored option for novice cannabis growers. Indoors, grow them at any time of year. Afghan Autoflower seeds are an excellent way to extend your harvest season because they flower in a couple of weeks.

Origins of the Afghan Autoflower Strain

Afghan’s origins in wild indica are not too far removed. The original Aghani plants that were located in the high altitude Hindu Kush mountains are the source of this variety of marijuana. Native to Pakistan and Afghanistan, the plants of this indica are used by the locals to make extremely strong hashish. Actually, this is probably the original home of hash and indica plants.

After decades of careful breeding, the Afghan strain of cannabis is actually an improved version of the original Afghani cannabis. The end product is a dependable, alluring cannabis strain with large, hard nugs, lots of glittering, sticky trichomes, and big flowers.

Afghan Autoflower is an improved indica strain. Autoflowering Cannabis plants are able to duplicate the light cycle without the need for external factors such as sunlight or a devoted gardener. They will consistently blossom within the same time frame regardless of external factors. This facilitates growth and ensures a consistent flowering period. No matter how tiny your space or how little experience you have, your Afghan Cannabis seeds are guaranteed to produce a superb harvest, and the set flowering time makes you less likely to fail.

Developing Autoflower Seeds from Afghanistan

Growing Afghan autoflowers both inside and outdoors is simple. The plants stay small, with an average height of just under two feet. These Cannabis seeds, albeit little in size, nevertheless yield a respectable quantity of buds per plant. Due to its ancestry from original, wild Cannabis plants, this marijuana plant is hardy and flexible. That’s only made better by its autoflower feminized genetics.

It takes roughly eight weeks to harvest your plants, whether they are grown indoors or outdoors. Autoflowering Afghan marijuana does not require particular light cycles to grow, just like all other autoflowering strains. You can avoid wasting time on strains that don’t yield blooms by using feminized seeds to develop these automatically blossoming plants. Lastly, to get the most out of your Afghan seeds, follow our germination guidelines for optimal results.

The Afghan auto can still get bushy even while the plants remain little. Keep an eye on the undergrowth of your cannabis plants, and if it seems excessively thick, think about giving it a little trim. But since autoflower strains don’t have time to recover before flowering, as numerous reviews of Afghan autoflower strains demonstrate, they don’t respond well to high-stress training. Instead, to prevent pests, provide your marijuana plants with a plenty of light, nutrients, and consistent ventilation.

Optimal Climate

It’s advisable to grow these cannabis seeds indoors. If you decide to grow outside, Afghani cannabis thrives in areas with moderate temperatures and humidity levels. Recall that endemic to the Hindu highlands, Afghani cannabis is a strain of Hindu Kush. It is therefore more resistant to cold than sativa strains, though it should still be kept above 55 degrees Fahrenheit at night, and plants should be harvested before the first signs of frost appear.

Providing Afghan Autoflower with Food

The Afghan Autoflower takes nutrients effectively. To find the ideal plant food for each stage of growth, visit our nutrition section.

We advise providing your cannabis plants with:

Cannabis fertilizer: the key to healthy growth
For the best defense, use Plant Protector.

Blooming and Productivity

The Afghan strain’s consistent flowering cycle and low maintenance production will excite growers. You might expect up to fifteen ounces of buds per square yard of plant in ten to fourteen weeks. Five to six ounces of buds should be expected from each cannabis plant grown outdoors. Anticipate strong, sticky buds brimming with trichomes in any case.

Feeling the Strain of Afghanistan

For good reason, Afghan Cannabis is a favorite among many indica enthusiasts. These are powerful, pure-breath indica plants. They are therefore a great option for those who want the mellow, muscle-relaxing effects of indica without the jitteriness associated with sativa strains.

Many users note that the delightful, long-lasting body buzz of this indica strain rapidly balances out the euphoric effect and cheerful head high. Though you won’t exactly be glued to the couch, you will undoubtedly feel wonderful and at ease. It’s an excellent option if you need to get things done without moving much because the delicious physical buzz outweighs the brain influence.

Afghan marijuana has a strong potency for some people. Excessive use of the strain may result in rare and infrequent negative side effects, such as headaches, dry eyes and mouth, and moderate dizziness. Have some snacks ready to go in case you get the cravings like a lot of other people do.

Afghan Taste and Smell

You will recognize the scent of Afghan weed right away if you have ever had quality hash. First impressions are of a potent, herbal-tinged earthiness that is very aromatic. To counterbalance it, you might also detect a little flowery sweetness. In the meanwhile, the flavor is smooth and earthy/sweet, never making you cough.

The inhale should be creamy, earthy, and woodsy. The herbal undertones and mellow earthiness will intensify with time spent with the strain, along with a faint trace of spice upon exhalation.

Applications of Autoflower in Afghanistan

Afghan is one of the most often used cannabis strains for medicinal purposes. This is a result of its strong indica potency. Afghan Cannabis is a great option for anyone who experiences chronic pain or discomfort, as are indica and indica dominant strains. Its ability to manage pain is especially beneficial for those with chronic, severe pain. In addition to relieving tense muscles and inflammation that causes aches and pains, this strain of marijuana is highly recommended by those who have tension headaches or arthritis.

Afghan cannabis can also aid with insomnia by promoting relaxation and ease of mind, which facilitates sleep. This autoflowering indica can ease anxiety and divert attention from negative thoughts with its calm joy. You concentrate on what really matters—relaxing and possibly obtaining a good night’s sleep—instead of fretting and becoming stressed up over things.

Purchase Autoflower Seeds from Afghanistan

Afghan auto seeds are available in individual packs of five, ten, or twenty seeds.

ILGM Promises

Upon purchasing Afghan Auto, we provide:

  • Careful packing and delivery
  • Free delivery to every state in the union
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  • Assurance of seed germination

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