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Cheese Autoflower Seeds


  • Feminized seeds for guaranteed results
  • 40% sativa 60% indica
  • THC content of up to 14%
  • Simple to cultivate
  • Incredibly calming buzz
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Autoflower Seeds – Cheese

Cheese autoflower seeds produce a well-known and beloved cannabis strain. Its rather offensive scent, which makes it readily recognized, gives it the charming moniker. Even the most tense among us becomes less tense and their mood improves. It’s impossible to prevent feeling happy and giggling. This autoflowering strain, which is primarily indica-dominant, is great for both growing and smoking.

Origins of Cheese Autoflower

Sometime in the late 1980s, cheese originated in the United Kingdom. According to rumors, Skunk #1 and Afghani indica are its parents. The ‘original’ Cheese autoflower was enhanced with the Afghani strain to increase yields and trichome production. It worked out well because Cheese autoflower is a really simple strain to cultivate!

Cheese Autoflower contains 40% sativa and 60% indica. Its breeding has resulted in relatively low THC levels (about 14%). When you smell Cheese, it smells incredibly cheesy, you can be sure of its outstanding lineage.

Cheese Autoflowers: What Are They?

Before then, the only cannabis plants we knew were Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. These are seasonal plants that begin to develop in the spring and are prepared for harvesting in the fall when the days get shorter.

Indoor farmers adjusted this light cycle in an attempt to mimic nature.

A third species, ruderalis, was introduced to Amsterdam in the early 1980s. This plant was found in Siberia and is related to Cannabis. It took the breeders only a few weeks to discover that this ruderalis plant will flower in spite of variations in light. The autoflower type originated when these ruderalis genes were mixed with already-existing indica and sativa strains.

These days, autoflowering versions of many common strains are available. Compared to photosensitive plants, they grow smaller plants, but they are easy to grow and can be harvested much sooner. Excellent for first-time growers, growing in a small area, or if you wish to reap several crops in a season!

For outcomes that are guaranteed, we also suggest following our germination guidelines.

Expanding the Cheese Autoflower

Cheese autoflowers are very easy to grow. Beginners will find it easy to forecast the harvest time, growing seasons, and other details due to their compact size (they grow to a maximum height of 56 inches) and autoflowering nature.

Marijuana strains that autoflower are ones that are not photosensitive. “Normal” marijuana plants reach the flowering stage when they receive fewer than a specific number of hours of sunlight. It can take some time for this process to occur organically outside, as the plants only shift with the seasons.

Because the transition period for autoflowering plants is based on time rather than light, they can grow more faster and are typically more compact. Autoflowering plants are typically chosen by growers who wish to produce multiple harvests each season due to their reduced size and shortened flowering time.

Optimal Climate

Cheese autoflower is a great strain for beginners who are trying their hand at indoor cultivation for the first time. This is due to the fact that these plants usually grow best inside. Growers just need to maintain a warm, muggy, and sunny environment.

Cheese-Growing Cannabis Plants

To find the ideal plant food for each growth stage, check out our nutrition section.

We advise providing your plants with:

Cannabis fertilizer: the key to healthy growth
For the best defense, use Plant Protector.

Blooming and Productivity

In general, cannabis cultivators growing Cheese autoflower should anticipate yielding about 5 ounces of buds per plant. When the plants are grown inside, this is, at the very least, their yield.

Conversely, Cheese autoflowering marijuana plants produced outside are probably going to yield about 15 ounces of buds per plant. Although the yields aren’t very large, because these are autoflowering plants, you can profit from a shorter growing season in addition to their ease of growth and relative compactness.

Experiencing The Autoflower Strain of Cheese

Cheese has a comparable powerful effect when smoked due to its strong ancestry. Its ability to relieve stress is what makes it most well-known; those who are most affected by stress or anxiety benefit from it. The strong aroma of cheese buds hits you first, and then you’ll experience the calming benefits right away.

People smoke cheese because it makes them feel content, at ease, and positive. Customers of Cheese occasionally experience fits of laughter, even if they are unable to pinpoint the exact cause of their initial bursts of laughter.

After smoking cheese, you should generally anticipate experiencing the biggest effects of relaxation, enjoyment, euphoria, and an elevated mood. If you find yourself starving and curled up on the couch, don’t freak out.

Cheese is well known for its capacity to help you unwind from worries you may not have even realized you had. It relieves chronic pain and eases any tension you may be feeling, much like a cozy weighted blanket wrapped around you.

Naturally, there’s always a chance that some cannabis strains will have adverse effects. Fortunately, none of these side effects are really severe. Dry mouth is the most potent of the potentially detrimental side effects. Since dry mouth is very common and easily treated (simply keep a cup of water close at hand), you might as well be prepared for it.

Aside from these uncommon but probable side effects, others include anxiety, dizziness, dry eyes, and paranoia. However, as long as you use Cheese sparingly, you shouldn’t have to worry about any of these things happening to you.

Cheese Taste and Aroma

Cheese is a very fragrant strain of marijuana, as its name suggests. Some would even go so far as to call it strong or intense. Since it is the only strain with the name “cheese,” it is the only one with a potent enough aroma to justify the moniker. Yes, it smells just like cheddar cheese with a hint of earthiness and several additional odors. If the smell slightly overwhelms you, don’t be alarmed; in fact, embrace it.

In other ways, the flavor is even more cheese-like. It has the delightful buttery flavor of real cheese, not anything even more pungent. Real cheese lovers should give this cheese a try because it has the rich, pungent, and cheddary flavor of real cheese with every sniff.

Applications of Cheese Autoflower

Cheese has occasionally been used to treat anxiety, sadness, and other mood disorders.

Some people may just have hectic lives rather than having any sort of mood condition. Ultimately, cheese can also be very beneficial in that situation. Consequently, using Cheese to “self-medicate” makes a lot of sense. Cheese is a fantastic method to unwind at the end of the day if you have a hectic life or simply need to do so occasionally.

Purchase Autoflower Cheese Seeds

Cheese Autoflower seeds are available in individual packs of five, ten, or twenty seeds.

There is also a photoperiod feminized seed variety called Cheese.

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Banana Kush and Gelato included in the Autoflower Snack Mix

ILGM Promises

Upon purchasing Cheese marijuana seeds, we provide:

  • Careful packing and delivery
  • Free delivery to every state in the union
  • Assurance of order arrival
  • Assurance of seed germination

Acquire further details in our support center.

Happy cultivating!


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