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Forest man gives out free cannabis seeds


In recent news, the Salem Fair in Virginia is set to run until July 11, providing entertainment for families and children. However, amidst the festivities, there is a major catch to the newly legalized marijuana in Virginia. While marijuana is now officially legal in the state, individuals must obtain a prescription from a doctor to legally purchase it. This poses a challenge for many, including one local man from Lynchburg who is fighting to change this restriction. Let’s delve into the story of Jonathan, a man passionate about cannabis and advocating for easier access to cannabis seeds.

The Journey of Jonathan, Virginia’s Johnny Appleseed of Cannabis:

Jonathan, also known as Virginia’s Johnny Appleseed of Cannabis, leads a dual life. By day, he works as a customer service representative for a major corporation, but by night, he pursues his passion for cannabis by running a small farm located about 20 miles outside of town. Jonathan acknowledges the gray area surrounding the legalization of possession and use of cannabis in Virginia. While individuals can legally possess and use cannabis, there is still no legal way to buy it.

The Challenge of Obtaining Cannabis Seeds:

To address this challenge, Jonathan has taken it upon himself to provide cannabis seeds to people for free.

He has spent countless hours seeking donations from major cannabis producers and distributing thousands of seeds to local retailers. However, due to legal restrictions, Jonathan is unable to grow cannabis on a large scale yet. He hopes to see how the law pans out and aims to advocate for fair treatment of smaller growers in the future.

The Importance of Access to Cannabis Seeds:

Jonathan’s main goal is to give people an avenue to legally obtain cannabis seeds and grow their own plants responsibly. He believes that by providing access t seeds, individuals can take control of their cannabis consumption and ensure a safe and regulated environment.

While it may take a few more years before buying and selling cannabis becomes legal in Virginia, Jonathan is determined to make a difference now by empowering people to grow their own cannabis.


Jonathan, a Lynchburg man, is fighting for easier access to cannabis seeds in Virginia. Despite the legalization of marijuana, the lack of legal avenues to purchase it poses a challenge for many individuals. Jonathan’s efforts to distribute cannabis seeds for free aim to provide people with the opportunity to grow their own cannabis responsibly. While it may take time for the law to catch up, Jonathan’s advocacy highlights the importance of fair treatment for smaller growers and the need for accessible cannabis options in Virginia.

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