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Northern Lights Autoflower Seeds


  • Every one of our autoflowers is gendered.
  • 10% sativa and 90% indica
  • THC content of up to 18%
  • Simple indoor and outdoor growth
  • Deep relaxation both physically and mentally
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Northern Lights Seeds for Autoflowering

One of the most well-known cannabis strains in the world, if not the most well-known, is grown from Northern Lights autoflower seeds. Due to its rapid flowering, extreme resilience, and completely resin-coated buds, it is well known for being an excellent grower.

Would you rather plant photoperiod seeds? Check out our feminized Northern Lights seeds.

Originating from indicas found in Afghanistan and Thailand, Northern Lights is a strain of marijuana. It inspired the creation of a few more hugely successful hybrid cannabis strains, such as Shiva Skunk and Super Silver Haze.

Northern Lights’ popularity also comes from the fact that it is just so pleasant to smoke. It smells great, with a sweet and spicy aroma, it tastes excellent, and its effects are relaxing and euphoric.

This review is based on the feminized strain, attributes can slightly differ for autoflowers.

Origins of the Northern Lights Autoflower

Although Northern Lights is roughly 90% indica dominant, Northern Lights Auto was created through the breeding of an Afghani indica combined with a Thai sativa. Since the parent strains were native landrace strains, Northern Lights are very valuable.

Although it’s been said that Washington state is where the first Northern Lights plants appeared, the strain was originally imported from the Netherlands by Sensi Seeds in the 1980s. In the marijuana community, this older strain is well-known and highly regarded.

Northern Lights Autoflowers: What Are They?

Before then, the only cannabis plants we knew were Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. These are seasonal plants that begin to develop in the spring and are prepared for harvesting in the fall when the days get shorter.

Indoor farmers adjusted this light cycle in an attempt to mimic nature.

A third species, ruderalis, was introduced to Amsterdam in the early 1980s. This plant was found in Siberia and is related to Cannabis. It took the breeders only a few weeks to discover that this ruderalis plant will flower in spite of variations in light. The autoflower type originated when these ruderalis genes were mixed with already-existing indica and sativa strains.

These days, autoflower seeds of numerous well-known strains are available. Compared to photosensitive plants, they grow smaller plants, but they are easy to grow and can be harvested much sooner. Excellent for first-time growers, growing in a small area, or if you wish to reap several crops in a season!

Developing Seeds for Autoflowers: Northern Lights

The Northern Lights autoflower strain of marijuana is quite simple to cultivate, but it goes without saying that creating the perfect habitat and climate will aid maximize productivity. Because of its high level of disease resistance, it’s a great variety for novice growers to attempt.

For outcomes that are guaranteed, we also suggest following our germination guidelines.

Optimal Climate

Mediterranean sunshine is preferred by Northern Lights. The plant itself is compact and fairly tiny, growing to a height of 24 to 32 inches (like many autoflowering strains). Depending on whether you cultivate inside or outdoors, the flowering phase lasts an average of 56 days, and the yield is pretty high, ranging from 5 to 15 ounces of marijuana per plant.

Food of the Northern Lights Plant

To find the ideal plant food for each growth stage, check out our nutrition section.

We advise providing your plants with:

Cannabis fertilizer: the key to healthy growth
For the best defense, use Plant Protector.

Feeling The Effects of The Northern Lights

Users of Northern Lights often experience a very calm, blissful high that leaves them feeling drowsy and pleased. The discomfort will subside, the muscles will relax, and any tension or insomnia will vanish.

The best way to characterize the impact of the Northern Lights is probably “soothing”. Its physical effects enable comfortable sitting and relaxation almost anyplace. This high is always linked to euphoria, which leaves users with a constant stream of happy ideas and emotions. It’s normal to smile and laugh, and it’s likely to spread to those around you!

Among the benefits of the Northern Lights are:

At ease

The following are some potential drawbacks of the Northern Lights:

Mouth dryness

Stale eyes

The Taste and Smell of Northern Lights

Northern Lights is not only a helpful strain of marijuana for medical patients, but it also tastes great when smoked. Northern Lights has a distinctive and recognizable scent. It contains more bitter lime notes with touches of sweetness and spice. Some report sensing a citrusy aroma mixed with ammonia reminiscent of a skunk.

Northern Lights has a taste that is similar to that of skunks but not very strong. The taste frequently has hints of lemon, and after inhaling, there’s usually a pleasant dankness that lingers. The taste of Northern Lights is also frequently characterized as having earthy, pine undertones.

A Quick Look at the Taste and Aroma of Northern Lights Auto Strain:

Bitter lime



Applications of the Northern Lights

People who are experiencing stress and discomfort might find great relief from Northern Lights, particularly if the agony is being caused or made worse by worry. Northern Lights can be beneficial for a range of psychiatric conditions and mood disorders, particularly due to its calming and uplifting properties.

For people who are experiencing physical discomfort or mental or emotional problems, Northern Lights is seen as an excellent option. Since the adverse effects of Northern Lights are much more rare and moderate, patients who are depressed frequently choose it above any prescription choice.

Purchase Northern Lights Autoflower

Northern Lights Auto seeds are available in individual packs of five, ten, or twenty seeds. Another strain of Northern Lights that is available is feminized.

Northern Lights Autoflower seeds are available as part of the Autoflower Seeds Mixpack, so you can save money on these seeds and broaden your horizons. Amnesia Haze and Blueberry Autoflower seeds are also included in this set.

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Upon purchasing White Widow Auto, we provide:

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Acquire further details in our support center.

Happy cultivating!


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