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Marijuana Fertilizer


  • Nutrients that are required for growth and harvest
  • Adequate nutrients for a minimum of five plants
  • Discounted combo offer
  • Ideal for hydroponic, soil, and other growing media
  • The ideal method to please a woman
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Set of Cannabis Fertilizer

Are you prepared to show your plants some extra care? Bergman’s Cannabis Fertilizer has all the necessary ingredients for marijuana plants to yield an abundant crop. This collection, which includes Plant Booster, Growtime Fertilizer, Flowertime Fertilizer, and Bergman’s Seedling Fertilizer, is ideal for full grows. All you need to do is supply water, light, and a growing medium; the fertilizers will take care of the rest.


All the nutrients required to nourish five plants from seed to maturity are included in this kit.
Fertilizer for Seedlings

10 grams of fertilizer for seedlings.

Bergman’s Seedling Fertilizer is a nutrient-rich blend that is specifically formulated for young plants, giving them a good start. Use it to strengthen the roots and promote healthy growth at the beginning of a plant’s growth and development.

N-P-K is equal to 11-40-13.

Growtime Fertilizer

Growtime Fertilizer, 25 grams.

The secret to keeping your plants healthy and preventing infections is to use Bergman’s Growtime Fertilizer.Growtime fertilizer is predicted to provide stronger, healthier roots and higher nutrient retention; moreover, increased microbial activity will promote plant growth.

N-P-K = 19-5-20

Flowertime Fertilizer

Flowertime Fertilizer, 200 grams.

There’s a lot of potassium in Bergman’s Flowertime Fertilizer. Because of its high nitrogen content, foliage grows more quickly. However, the creation of strong, potent buds is stimulated by the presence of potassium. Bergman’s Flowertime Fertilizer should be applied consistently throughout the flowering stage, starting as soon as your plants begin to create blooms.

N-P-K = 15-6-30

Plant Booster

10 grams of Plant Booster

Bergman’s Plant Booster is a powerfully nutritious flowering stimulant. When your plants are nearing the end of their vegetative phase, use it to encourage early flowering. With the help of this bloom fertilizer, your flowers will have more time to form dense, rich buds. The Plant Booster will boost root structure and increase nutrient absorption while improving soil tilth during flowering. One should anticipate higher quality and heavier yields.

N-P-K = 0-27-27

Storage of Marijuana Fertilizer

Airtight bags that are tightly packed and sealed are used to deliver Bergman’s Plant Food Fertilizers. It’s simple to store your nutrients this way. Fertilizer can be stored for a long time as long as it is kept dry. We recommend taking the nutrients within a year of opening the boxes, just to be cautious.


Use of Cannabis Fertilizer

Bergman’s Plant Food is intended to improve growing media and address plant deficiencies. Prior to applying this cannabis fertilizer, determine whether you have any deficiencies for optimal results. Be aware that getting the right amount of water and sunlight can address a lot of growing-related issues.

Prior to adding Bergman’s Plant Food, always test your pH. The pH range of 6.0 to 7.0 is excellent. Poor pH marijuana plants are unable to absorb nutrients, which will affect your outcomes.

Never provide more for your plants than they require. Nutrient burn brought on by overfeeding might be detrimental to your plants. Flush your plants about two weeks before harvesting for the best flavor.

Marijuana plants have different nutritional requirements as they become older, so you have to apply a fertilizer that is right for their stage of growth. To learn how to use them, view the feeding schedules listed below.

Always consider your unique circumstances when applying nutrition.

Measure out the grams of nutritional powder and dissolve them in one liter (0,26 gallons) of tap water at room temperature (20ºC / 68ºF).
Mix thoroughly and, if necessary, adjust to the ideal pH level.
For best results, use in conjunction with the other Bergman’s Plant Food fertilizers.

Ilgm Bergmans plant food feeding schedule Ilgm Bergmans plant food feeding fertilizer


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